The Devil's Vice

It’s the story of a young middle class couple, a pregnant woman and her husband living in rural Monmouthshire.

The film explores control, manipulation and other complexities surrounding domestic abuse from a totally different angle.

Is the house haunted by a poltergeist? Or is the perpetrator far closer to home?

The film is released as Clare’s Law - the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme - is rolled out across all UK police forces.

Clare’s Law allows you, or concerned parents, relatives or friends, to make enquiries to the police about your partner, if you are worried that they may have been abusive in the past. Information is only given to individuals who are in a position to protect you from the abuse.

The Devil’s Vice stars award winning actors Sara Lloyd Gregory and Gareth Jewell. It is produced by Peter Watkins-Hughes, and funded by the Gwent Independent Film Trust.

Gwent Independent Film Trust
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